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High-Performance-SpecsEnergy Efficiency, High Performance Construction and Best Value Practices

DreamBuilder Custom Homes is helping to do it right. High performance construction and building brings together a vast array of practices and techniques used to reduce and ultimately eliminate the impacts of buildings on the environment and human health.

Many other techniques, such as using packed gravel for driveways to enhance replenishment of ground water, are used as well. Effective green buildings are more than just a random collection of environmental friendly technologies, however. They require careful, systemic attention to the full life cycle impacts of the resources embodied in the building and to the resource consumption and pollution emissions over the building’s complete life cycle. On the aesthetic side of sustainable design is the philosophy of designing a building that is in harmony with the natural features and resources surrounding the site.

Project Highlights

  • Predicted monthly operating cost for a family of two is drastically reduced
  • Staggered stud exterior walls 8” thick
  • Foam insulation with a Polar Blanket for an R36* exterior shell
  • R49* attic insulation
  • 3rd party certifications throughout the building process
  • PV system (solar electric)
  • Solar water heating
  • Conditioned crawl space
  • Recycled jobsite waste
  • Recycled deconstruction processes
  • Independent residential engineer consultant for the following items:
    • Water heater
    • Solar electric
    • Insulation package
    • Building science
    • Heating system
    • HRV system (heating
      recovery system/fresh air
    • Annual electric enalysis
  • On-site storm system with minimal off site disposal

The neighborhood just got a little greener…

  • Efficient Ductwork Design & Seal prevents leaky duct systems. The entire system has been air leak tested and approved for Earth Advantage standards. This testing assures the home owner has a proven system against air loss.
  • Energy Star Qualified Furnace has an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 90% or greater, making it about 15% more efficient than a standard furnace.
  • R-30 Insulated Floors provide above code thermal protection helping to reduce energy cost and providing a more comfortable environment.
  • Vinyl Windows that exceed the minimum state code requirements.
  • House Tightening Measures help ensure comfort by keeping warm air in and cold air out. Sealed penetrations where plumbing, electrical, ducts, gas piping and such ensure a tight seal.
  • Fresh Air Intake Damper has been installed in the HVAC system to ensure your new home will have fresh air throughout the home when the furnace is being used.
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Hot Water Circulation System has been installed to reduce additional water waste and allows the home owner to have the luxury of hot water at each tap almost instantly with a superior design and layout of the plumbing. To achieve this amenity we have installed a very small circulation pump at the water heater.
  • Energy Star Qualified Lightening – LED fixtures reduce the lighting consumption up to 90%.
  • Energy Star Qualified Dishwasher uses 25% less energy and saves about 1,000 gallons of annual water compared to a conventional model.
  • Central Vacuum System has been pre-plumed and ready for a whole house built in vacuum system. This system is vented to the outside to prevent the recirculation of dust, pollen, and other allergens within your home.
  • Solid Factory Finished Wood Flooring has been used in this home to help reduce the odors and off gassing of typical hard wood floors. This will insure many years of comfort and can be refinished several times before considering a replacement.
  • Sealed Gas Fireplaces W/Electronic Ignition promote healthier indoor air by reducing the presence of carbon monoxide and other gases inside the home while maximizing energy savings by eliminating the pilot light.
  • Third Party Moisture Testing has been completed on this home during the framing stage. This is completed and approved before any insulation or sheetrock has been installed and will assure a healthier home by reducing the chance of mold.
  • Recycling Job Waste has been completed on this home by an independent third party to help reduce the waste that could potentially end up in our landfills.
  • On-Site Storm System has been installed (on a job-by-job basis) below ground to keep the roof rain water on-site and help reduce the unnecessary storm overload in our cities and counties.
  • Extensive Window Flashing has been installed to help reduce the penetration of water into the walls that could potentially degrade the performance of the home and cause major damage.


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  • From Our Clients

    DreamBuilder! What a great name for our kitchen remodel experience! Tim Walker & crew with their attention to detail, creativity, and workmanship, made our dreams come true.  This team took on our project with many years of experience between them. They pulled their ideas together,  helping us form  a vision! Throughout the project they kept our home clean and clutter free.  They finished on time! Tim Walker’s ultimate goal was to do whatever it took to make us happy! He succeeded beyond our expectations.
    Tim & Deb Tyler